Desperados is an Alsatian beer brewed by the French group Brasserie Fischer brewery based in Schiltigheim, on the outskirts of Strasbourg, France. The brand is part of the multinational Heineken. Desperados is a beer flavored with tequila, with a ranking of 5,9º. Its marketing began in 1995 in Brussels, during the Winter Olympics in France. It is distributed in clear bottles 33, 65 or 120 cl aluminum cans and 33 or 55 cl.


Paulaner Brauerei GmbH & Co KG is a German brewery, founded in 1634 in Munich by Minimum monks of the cloister of Neudeck ob der Au. The mendicant order and the brewery named after Francisco de Paula, the founder of the order. Paulaner is one of six breweries offer beer for Oktoberfest, the celebration of German beer that dates from 1810.